Breast Health

In Canada, 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease is constantly rising.

It’s important that as a woman you get to know your breast intimately. Doing regular breast exams allows you to determine if there are any unusual changes. Breast tissue will naturally change and perhaps become more cystic or lumpy around your period. The best time to do a self breast exam is 3-5 days after your period.

Hormonal imbalances such as excess estrogen can cause breast tissue changes and an increased risk of breast cancer. High estrogen can be due to exposure to endocrine disruptors in our environment such as from plastics, cosmetics and cleaning products. The liver is the biggest detoxifying organ and can help the body eliminate molecules that can disrupt our system. It also helps the body metabolize any excess hormones.

Prevention of breast cancer

–        Detoxifying the body by using infrared saunas and liver friendly herbs

–        Exercising minimum of 40 minutes a day

–        Sleeping in a dark room without any electrical devices or visible lights

–        Meditating

–        Reducing exposure to chemicals such as cleaning products, personal care products and cosmetics

–        Avoiding the use of plastic water bottles and plastic containers

–        Avoiding the use of the birth control pill and using a barrier method instead

–        Eating a high fiber diet and decreasing dairy consumption


I educate my patients on how to do a self breast exam and I can perform a breast exam in office. I like to empower my patients and teach them about their bodies in order to achieve optimal health. It is especially important to do breast exams if you have a family history of breast cancer. Aside from the methods mentioned above on breast cancer prevention, I use herbs that improve the microcirculation, detoxify the body of excess hormones and decrease stagnation in the breast tissue. Acupuncture and castor oil packs are also very beneficial.

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